Terms & Conditions

  1. This campaign is scheduled to run until the 12th May 2021.
  2. There are 10 participating stores in this campaign.
  3. There will be one winner selected per restaurant.
  4. To be eligible, all fields on the entry page must be filled in.
  5. Multiple entries of the same name and/or contact details per restaurant will be picked up and will only count for 1 entry.
  6. Selection for a winner will be done by a random draw by VDP DISTRIBUTORS.
  7. Winners will be contacted via email or phone call after the 18th May 2021.
  8. This campaign is run by VDP Distributors on behalf of Douwe Egberts Professional in South Africa.
  9. The prize is a years supply of Douwe Egberts Freeze Dried Instant Coffee (12 Jars of Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee).
  10. The contact details that are submitted will not be shared or used for any other purposes other than to contact the winners.
  11. Douwe Egberts is not to be held accountable for any discrepancies that may arise during this campaign.
  12. Please contact vdp@vdpdistributors.co.za for any queries.
  13. The purpose of this campaign is to promote the Douwe Egberts coffee Brand.
  14. This restaurant has agreed to take part in this campaign.
  15. The campaign will be run and managed in good faith by an employee of VDP Distributors with the assistance of Douwe Egberts Professional.12